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Ivi is a private therapy dog that contributes to the improvement of verbal dysfunction and improves the development of mobility and socialization. Ivi also helps with psychological and emotional development as well as the condition of aversion to physical contact.
On July 14th of 2012, Georgia Exezidou gave birth to her son Anit, Who was later diagnosed with autism. When asked about the role dogs play in autism therapy, Georgia said, "It is a fact that various studies have shown that domesticated dogs have helped numerous children on the autism spectrum. I, because of my son, have personally seen the benefit of having a therapy dog. The results were immediate and noticeable. I strongly recommend to parents who happen to have children on the spectrum to get a dog. I'm really grateful to Ivi, the hero, for the help she has given my son. “
For more information click on the link: 'Dogs and Autism'

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Professional Dog Training Certificate

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Puppy Training Certificate

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Dog Behaviour Problems

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Acceptance into The Association of Professional Dog Trainers

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Pet First Aid and CPR

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Standard First Aid and CPR (as a precurser to pet first aid)

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Animal Psychology

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Dog Sitting

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Establishing a Gourmet Dog Treat Bakery and Doggy Day Care

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Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting and Fighting

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Crucial Concepts in Dog Behaviour and Training

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Autism Spectrum, Sensory Therapy, Behaviour Managment (as a precurser to therapy dog training)

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Animal Assisted Therapy

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Animal Physical Therapy

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Animal Assisted Play Therapy

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Animal Assisted Therapy

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therapeutic Contact With The Aid of Animals

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Service Dog Training For Retrieving Independence

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Canine Evolution and Selective Breeding

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Feline Nutrition

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Psychology and DNA, Canine Emotions and Behaviour

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Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Assessment of Canines

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Pet Psychology